Hey, I've Never Hired A Speaker Before

Hire A Speaker

So you've never hired a professional speaker before and you need to know what to look for? No problem, here are some tips to find a GREAT speaker! Feel free to use this list (no wait... please use this list) wether you are hiring Keir or not and you are so much closer to making sure that the day of your event that you look great for booking "that wonderful and dynamic speaker".

1. Can you see a video? If you cannot see a video where you actually get to hear them speak to a live audience, MOVE ON! Not that the video has to be at your fingertips, sure it's great if it's on their site but if after contacting a speaker they have nothing but excuses as to why they cannot show you a video on youtube, by email or by actually mailing you a DVD (yeah people still mail stuff once in a while believe it or not) then you have to ask yourself why??? "Danger Will Robinson, Danger"!

2. Check references. These should be from those who have hired your potential speaker for audiences of a similar demographic as your group. ie: If you are booking a speaker for 500 top level executives at the Boeing corporation, don't accept a reference from someone who booked the speaker at a 20 member chamber of commerce meeting. Additionally, be cautions if the references are "good" but not "great" or you could end up with a "mediocre at best" speaker.

3. Talk to them! We live in a world of email and websites and while these are often very convenient, you can get a much better feel for a speaker's quality by actually SPEAKING to them. Ask the speaker questions about their past experience with customizing programs and how they expect to apply these skills to your program. Tune your radar in to listen for these past experiences and to how confident the speaker is about doing the same for your corporation or organization. Finding a speaker who is confident on the phone significantly increases your chance that you will find a speaker who is confident on the platform!

4. Go with your gut! After taking these steps, you will realistically know in your heart wether to hire a particular speaker or not. And while nothing can guarantee that you will find a great speaker, following these steps will assure that you are that much closer to making sure that the one you hire will leave your audience wanting more!

Keir Mathur