Keir Mathur, Colorado Speaker

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Colorado Speaker

Yes Keir's website domain is, but that doesn't mean that he only speaks in Denver! Actually Keir will travel anywhere you can catch a plane to. Or a plane, a train, then a boat trip followed by a rickshaw ride to for that matter. But Keir truly is a Colorado Speaker and while he does travel frequently, most of his speaking engagements are actually in the Rocky Mountain Region. And for the small towns that aren't close enough to drive to but far enough to bore someone to death droning down the interstate, Keir is an experienced commercial pilot who can fly into small town airports, making for a quick return to Denver for his next engagement. And in-state bookings are never charged a travel fee so not to worry about hotels, baggage fees or pillow charges (yeah the airlines are charging for everything now, even pay toilets have been considered!)

As a semi-native Coloradoan, Keir has spent most of his life visiting and living in one of the most beautiful states in the country and has a passion for all things Colorado. His free time is often filled with skiing, hiking and flying glider planes within our beautiful state. This passion is reflected in Keir's speaking programs as he is equally enthusiastic about his topics and the people that he shares his messages with.

So make it easy on yourself and and book a Colorado Speaker sure to bring an enlightening and entertaining mix of humor and information to your audience. Be sure to check out some of Keir's videos and his client list to see who else has booked him to speak at their events. Need more convincing? You can give Keir a call and he will be sure to put any fears or concerns to rest with plenty of references and more insight into what to expect at your event.

Keir Mathur