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Colorado Speakers

While Keir's domain name is, don't let that fool you. Keir speaks in a much broader geographical area than Denver! In fact, Keir will travel just about anywhere in the world that you can catch a plane to. Or in some cases... a train, then a boat trip followed by a rickshaw ride.

But it's true that Keir is a Colorado Speaker in that he is based right here in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, and while he does travel frequently, most of his speaking engagements are West of the Mississippi. And for the small towns that aren't close enough to drive to, Keir is an experienced commercial pilot and will be able to fly right in to your small town airports. This makes for a quick return to Denver to allow him to keep on schedule. As an added bonus to being in Keir's home state, all Colorado bookings are offered at a flat rate with no travel fees added on. That's a huge savings in many cases!

As a semi-native Coloradoan, Keir has spent the majority of his life visiting in or living in what has to be one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., and he fully enjoys every aspect of being a Coloradan! In his free time, you might find Keir skiing, hiking and/or flying glider planes over the rolling foothills or through the gorgeous peaks of the Rockies. This passion for life and being engaged in the world around him is reflected in Keir's speaking programs. You will find that Keir is equally enthusiastic about his topics and the people that he shares his messages with.

So, relax and skip all the hassle and book a Colorado Speaker that will bring an engaging and entertaining program to your audience. Take a look around and watch some of Keir's videos and check out his client list and see which other Colorado corporations and associations have booked him to speak at their events. And if your still not convinced, give Keir a call and he can put any and all of your concerns to rest with dozens of references and some personal insight into exactly what he might have in store for your attendees.

Keir Mathur