Real Conflict Resolution is No Illusion

Keir's diverse background has allowed him to observe and create solutions to many situations that potentially create conflict in his program entitled "Real Conflict Resolution is no Illusion".

With experience as a deputy sheriff, Keir often used to using his people skills to persuade those in conflict to resolve their issues by re-focusing their negative impression into a positive one. And combining this insight with his experience as a corporate magician, Keir has developed an entertaining and engaging program that get's the point across in each story while keeping your audience's attention.

By treating everyone as people instead of employees, Keir get's to the root cause of conflict and gives those in attendance a new way to look at what is really causing the problem. And how to look at potential conflict situations in a way that won't let them grow into problems that get our of hand. Keir's solutions are straightforward and no-nonsense and will have your team members once again working toward the goal line instead of against each other!

Keir Mathur

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