Inspirational Speaker

Although the phrase Motivational Speaker seems to be thrown around a lot, especially since what Keir does is so motivational... he prefers to be thought of as an Inspirational Speaker. You see, motivation only comes from inside of ones self and Keir merely gives people the tools they need to motivate themselves. And he does this through his inspiring insight into developing their memory skills, resolve conflict and to recognize the ways in which to remove the self-imposed limitations that, all to often, people place upon themselves.

So, wether you call Keir a Motivational Speaker or an Inspirational Speaker, the messages that all of the attendees will be left with are going to do more than just leave them feeling all "pumped up". In fact, the attendees need to leave with some real world examples of how they can apply what they have learned. That, along with materials they will be able to take that can keep the momentum they feel moving in the right direction.

There are many benefits to having a good speaker at your event regards of their title, but a truly Inspirational Speaker will inspire and motivate and usually get more than an occasional laugh from their audience in order to keep them engaged. So watch some of Keir's videos and decide for yourself if you think it's more motivating or inspiring. Either way, your organization wins big and you look great for "doing your homework" and booking a great speaker who is engaging and entertaining all while getting your point across!

Keir Mathur