Memory Magic, Keir Mathur

Memory Magic

Keir's "Memory Magic" program will get your employees really thinking about the way they recall information. Keir has developed countless techniques for memorizing names, lists and pertinent client information. By getting to the root cause of our "inability" to remember information, Keir helps attendees create new habits that will change the way they deal with their clients and their co-workers by teaching them that we truly never really forget anything. And that with a few small changes in their perception, that they can recall any pertinent information they need, right when they need it.

Imagine the improvement in client relationships when your staff can remember the names, birth dates, hometowns and so much more of their clients. The increase in teamwork amongst employees when co-workers get to know their peers and can see the value in getting to know and remembering what it is that they have to offer.

And with a background as a corporate humorist and magician Keir delivers his informative memory techniques in an engaging and entertaining program that your attendees will not soon forget.

Still not convinced? Be sure to watch Keir's videos where you can see first hand some of the techniques that he will be sharing with your team and also the video testimonials from those who have seen Keir's program first hand.

Keir Mathur